At Sakura's we authentic Japanese cuisine without having to actually travel to Japan. Chose from our lunch or dinner menu featuring California Rolls, tempura, chicken teriyaki, shrimp, tuna, salmon, sesame chicken and many more Japanese dishes prepared just for you in the Biloxi, Mississippi area. You can also choose our Sushi or Sashimi experience that includes tuna, yellowtail, salmon, octopus, sea bass, mirugai, tako su, ebi su, ika su, miru su, mori su, oysters,and naruto. We offer full service for Mississippi residents who are looking for sushi, japanese cuisine, or just to have a good time. Enjoy our food and please tell you friends in the 39531 area code that you found good sushi and japanese food at Sakura restaurant and sushi bar located at 2667 Pass Road, Biloxi, MS 39531. japanese,sushi,food,dining,biloxi,mississippi,MS,lunch,dinner,raw,cooked,rice,japan,family,cheap,restaurant,resturant,Sakura,
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Our Restaurant Reviews
April C.

"What a yummy place to enjoy fresh and fast made sushi. My family and I went to this place for lunch on Memorial Day. The waitress said the restaurant tends to be slow on holidays. This was the first time I've ever had Tamagoyaki (egg sushi). It was very nice and sweet. We also ordered a Kappa Maki roll that was very good and inexpensive ($2.50). Another item we ordered from the sushi menu was a crab and cream cheese roll. It was also very tasty. Everyone in my party ordered from the lunch menu and got a Bento Box, even my son (first time he's ever had one by himself). Be aware that all items on the lunch menu listed above the sushi box are also boxes. My husband and I both ordered the Pork Katsu. My son wanted to order the child's Shrimp Tempura box but ordered the Tempura Shrimp and Vegetables lunch and substituted all shrimp for the vegetables - thanks to the waitress's suggestion for a cheaper meal.Good service, good tea, good food! Military gets 10% discount."


"best restaurant on the coast! old world style very great"


"All I can say is excellent! Excellent sushi, excellent services and excellent prices...You can't go wrong with Sakura! If your looking for the freshest and the best then go to Sakura! In fact, I am going there tonight!"


"sakura has the freshest sushi i've tasted along the gulf coast japanese restaurant. i especially love the Ron Roll and the Chip-n-Dale Roll....i go there couple times a month, definitely more often if i had time....great sushi"

Maria L.

"i go hear like at least once a week with my hubby, and i'm never disappointed. our favorite food is sushi and this by far, is the best place to get it on the coast. usually i order a cruncy crab roll, the ron roll, a steak tar tar and egg drop soup. the egg drop soup is so good that we asked for the recipie. i agree miso wasnt good at all. hubby usually gets a spicy tuna roll, a specialty roll, and his favorite the futomaki. the price is resonable. they have typical japanese appatizers, entrees and desert. like edamame, steak tartar, deep fried squid, squid steak (which is awesome!), entrees like, steak, chicken, salmon, or shrimp teriyaki. shrimp and vegetable tempura. chicken and steak katsu! everything is delicious! me and hubby spend about 60 dollars when we go, but me and him are big eaters! the restuarant is beautiful too, really dim lights and light music playing. but by far the service is the best on the coast, prolly why we tip so much! never ever been to a restuarant with excellent service such as at sakura. really the best on the coast."

Lo S.

"I was introduced to my first bowl of Miso soup and ginger's been a long and ongoing love story! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART MISO and I will never let any unrefined palette talk bad about you.

Great service....Great sushi! Eat here please! The owner is awesome!"

Stephanie V.

"We love sushi and have been hesitant to try Sakura sushi mainly because it looks kind of like a hole in the wall run down place from the outside. Those sorts of restaurants can be fine for a good greasy cheeseburger, but when it comes to raw fish we like to play it safe. Contrary to our assumptions, we were pleasantly surprised when dining here because they had a very nice non smoking section unlike a lot of restaurants in the area. The section was completely on the other side of the restaurant so we didn't smell any smoke. The service was great. Our server was right on top of everything and the food came out very quickly. We had some rainbow roles, spicy tuna rolls, and some katsu (sp?) chicken which was just fabulous. The miso soup was one of the worst I have ever tasted, but that can be overlooked as everything else was delicious. The sake they gave us was perfect temp and it seemed like there was no end to it! In San Francisco they would never give us that much so we were really happy. It was yummy we will definitely be back!"

Sherrie J.

"Thanks for the wonderful service. I love sushi and I love Sakura."

Deborah Odom

"Me and my husband make this a once a month date night spot for us. The service is spectacular and employee's are very friendly and willing to answer any question that you might have about the food. The food is exceptional!!!!!! It has a clean and refreshing taste. I have and will continue to recommend this resturant to everyone I know and those I meet along the way."

Deborah Odom

"Absolutely the best in town!!! Never ate sushi before but once I tried it at Sakura's I was hooked and now we eat there at least once a month and if we can we go more often. The food is fresh, clean and wonderful."


"i usually go there for sushi and i always sit at the sushi bar and enjoy the conversations i have with alex who i love for him to make my sushi... well for the most part alex always recommend a roll for me that is always exceptional!!!!"

christy nguyen

"well i was there about two weeks ago and i thought alex the sushi chef made real good sushi and the taste was very good..."


"Sakura has the BEST sushi on the coast,it melts in your mouth,they also have the best eggdrop soup, all of their food is wonderful, plus the service is really awesome."

Darwin Litzell

"My wife and I are from Wisconsin and are retired. We have been to Sakuras' on each of our 4 visits to Biloxi. We can't say enough good things about this place. The food is always great but our waitress is "Ichibon #1". We have never learned her name but she is half Japanese and her mother who is a native of Japan both work there. They always take time to chat about Japan and discribe any and all of the items on the menu. Our last visit was on October 1st, 2011 and the food and young waitress made out stay most enjoyable! She even gave both me and my wife a big hug before we said sayonara. If anyone from the resturant is reading this, please give our waitress and very BIG "attaboy". Hope to see you all again someday. Hap & Cindy Litzell"

Barbara M.

"Best sushi ever! Love, Love, Love the tropical roll!!!"

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